Instant Pot Lengua Tacos with Charred Salsa Verde

The instant pot is the easiest way to cook this less-than-conventional cut of beef and Chef Britt pressure-cooks it in a flavorful braise, slices it up, and sears it hot! She also shows you her easiest recipe for charred salsa verde!

View the full recipe here:

Try Pinole Blue Tortillas:


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  1. Reynaldo Garza
    Reynaldo Garza says:

    Awesome recipe…although not my favorite. I’d like to see you cook the whole cow head. Cheek, tongue, palate, eye balls and brains. That’s a real barbacoa. Hope you try….little scary for you americans but mexican sunday is not a Sunday without barbacoa for breakfast.

  2. Danson G. Tolman
    Danson G. Tolman says:

    Comment from Northern Mexico,, usually we would cook a little longer until the meat almost falls apart. Then we shred it. It would be call barbacoa. It makes great tacos and yes, lots of flavor.
    Thanks for the video I may try your Mexican Lengua. (Never seen red tortillas.)


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