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  1. Betwixt
    Betwixt says:

    To make the chicken browning "convenient" start with it (3-7 minutes longer = more flavor) before the garlic. You'll deglaze the pan when you add the tomatoes giving more flavor to boot.

  2. Pat Patrix
    Pat Patrix says:

    Dude…I been watching your channel for years and always been a fan. Still a fan. But just using ground chicken or turkey would have made so much more sense here. It would have been cheaper, more meat per serving, and more flavor. This recipe, which is really a bachelor recipe I'd throw together in my early 20s, means each person gets like 2 pieces of chicken per serving. This could be cheaper and better is my issue. Hell, learn to debone chicken thighs yourself and you get a cheaper tastier meal here. I hit up grocery stores in the early morning when they discount meat and you can get like 3lbs bone in chicken thighs for under $4. Not trying to be a hater, I know a lot of people don't want to butcher their own meat or learn food prep, but as a guy that's had to live on a food stamp budget at times…oh yeah, this could be improved significantly. Sorry, my poverty is showing. As inexpensive as this is I'm still crunching numbers.

  3. Caroline Odonnell
    Caroline Odonnell says:

    Thanks for the meal idea. Currently got 2 chicken breasts in the freezer and didn't know what to do with them. Don't have cream cheese but do have a tub of creme fresh that needs used, plus tomato cans from the pantry

  4. Ty in NH
    Ty in NH says:

    Another budget meal the wife make is 1 can of cream of mushroom soup (1.19), one box mac & cheese (.75) and pound of hamburger (3.99). All prices are from my local Hannafords and are store brands. Fry up the hamburger. Make the mac n cheese per box direction. Strain fried hamburger and and to the mac n cheese. Add the can of mushroom soup and stir.

  5. Robert Adams
    Robert Adams says:

    Larry, this is a great budget recipe, and it feeds ALOT of people for little. The chicken breast is expensive, but not overly so. I saved the ham bone from easter dinner in the freezer, and it works great for this dish. I add whole canned tomatoes, water, macaroni and spices and let it simmer. Its not only cheap its tasty, too! Thank you for all the great content. A regular fan! 😉

  6. Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie says:

    If you're watching this video, and you're working for a corporation, you need to seriously start thinking about joining a UNION! Unless you enjoy starving. Your employer doesn't want you to starve to death, but they want to keep you close to it. In their minds, you can never be too poor and they can never be too rich. It's as simple as that.

  7. Volantis
    Volantis says:

    I think I'm gonna try this but I'm gonna start with an onion as well as the garlic and throw in some frozen peas in at the end, thanks for the idea! Never would have thought of cream cheese in a pasta dish like this but it actually sounds like a good idea now.

  8. blackmarya
    blackmarya says:

    Cream cheese in pasta sauce isn't weird at all!🙂 people put marscapone and riccota cheese in it all the time

    Also chef john from food wishes has a simular recipe like this made with tuna called tuna melt pasta and it's amazing. And cheaper than chicken when using canned tuna.

  9. Bill Shepherd
    Bill Shepherd says:

    I love your channel.
    I especially love your budget meals, it's a great service!
    But when you say, "but I wanted to try it anyway"?
    It just proves you & Mrs TheWolfPit are a cut above!
    Keep up the great work!

  10. Greg Jo
    Greg Jo says:

    You're definitely a cook after my own heart, improvise that's the key word make it work. Oh and I've used cream cheese in several dishes people probably wouldn't think to use it in and it's always turned out great.
    I've been using ground turkey lately about the cheapest meat on the market find it in the frozen section.


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