I injected STEAM in my pellet grill and THIS happened!

I injected STEAM in my pellet grill and THIS happened!

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25 replies
  1. waldo s
    waldo s says:

    Your behind the times on this one, at least with me. I have tried this and to me it is no different than spritz or water pan. Yes I said water pan! I have a vertical pellet smoker with a convection fan. Having a water pan does make a big difference. I do not wrap my briskets or rib during the cook only during the rest period

  2. A Hoghead
    A Hoghead says:

    I seem to struggle with ribs, the family always loves them but I can't help but think I could do better.
    Maybe some sort of extra moisture is the missing key.
    Anyway, thanks again for another great video.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Don Bailey
    Don Bailey says:

    Thanks Steve. I basically don't like to wrap my ribs, so I have tried all kinds of things from double indirect cooking to hanging way above the coals. I have found nothing that works better than wrapping period. Glad you verified my results. PS, I was ready to try the steam cleaner. 😂

  4. Pete Rodriguez
    Pete Rodriguez says:

    Now THIS was the experiment I was searching for.. I have a gravity 980 that I think will benefit from the steam method.. and as I was watching ur video I thought "" I could probably plug it in the probe hole "".. and sure enough u mentioned the probe hole. Hehe.. moisture would collect at the bottom but the design of the 980 will allow it to flow out and away.. no auger involved.. thanks again for your hard work.. keep on keepin awwn.


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