I Ate Horse Meat for the First Time – SHOCKING REACTION

I Ate Horse Meat for the First Time – SHOCKING REACTION


“Broken Reality” Kevin
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  1. MyO
    MyO says:

    You haven't shown much of the writing on the can sadly, but the title reads "Конина тушёная" — i.e. "Horse meat, stewed / heat-treated." The fat in the can is intentional: this makes canned meat good for cooking outdoors, and you'd use the fat for cooking a stew or plov (pilaf) instead of butter or cooking oil.

    Here in Russia, horse meat (конина) is often used in cheaper sausage. This meat is usually considered halal (i.e. acceptable for consumption among the Muslim believers), so it's one of the replacements for pork. It can be cheaper than canned pork, but harder to find most of the time.

    Not as popular as mutton — THE choice of meat for pilaf! — horse meat's still more widespread closer to the Caucasus mountains, as well as in the former Soviet republics around the Middle East (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the like). It's usually sold canned, and it'd be very hard to find any fresh cuts.

  2. ol blue tundra
    ol blue tundra says:

    Yeah. Surprised by the taste myself. I had it in Italy. That big horse head above the door on the restaurant means they serve horse. I had it again in Sweden. I have to admit I couldn't eat the dog while in China. Just couldn't do it. Even though there raised just for that purpose. Guineas have a surprising taste. Had that in England. Anyway. Nice to see you back.

  3. Vesa
    Vesa says:

    Horse meat can have a slightly gamey flavor to it. Horse meat in steak form is delicious as well. You can very easily find horse meat for sale here in Finland. 🙂

  4. Jiri Kurto
    Jiri Kurto says:

    That's it, I am starting a horse farm to sell meat to hungry Americans. It will be like a chicken farm but for horses. Also, I am thinking of doing a california condor farm too.

  5. Arthur Bordet
    Arthur Bordet says:

    There was some time ago an huge scandal in France around a company using horse meat in their freezed lasagna to reduce the cost.
    People weren't annoyed by the presence of horse meat but by the false labelling and the issue it caused for meat traceability

  6. Hugh Ehhoule
    Hugh Ehhoule says:

    Man, that doesn't… Look right. And after watching, that flavor profile seems strange.

    No idea who did what to that meat, but go buy some shaved or sliced. Not nessecarily encouraging eating horse, but if you've cracked that seal, might as well give it a fair shake.

  7. mikepette
    mikepette says:

    oatmeal with Awful ! LOL thats why I do prefer to say OH-fell I mean its spelled Offal and so it could be said "awful" I guess but its just not right to my ears.
    BTW I'd love to try horse meat but I dunno if I'd be eating it from a can. I can't think its the "best" way to eat any kind of food item. And Yes indeed ! Though I love horses in general I do think they are legit food items but I'd say no to most carnivores like dogs foxes raccoon ect ect newp not that

  8. spudrubble
    spudrubble says:

    They used to sell horse meat in the USA before and they also gave horse meat to soldiers.
    I've personally had wild horse meat from a wild horse that broke a hip and had to be put down. This was on the Yakima reservation back in 1997. I can't vouch for a domesticated horse but wild horse from the Yakima nation is very similar to elk. If I had the chance I'd eat it again.

  9. Hugh Ehhoule
    Hugh Ehhoule says:

    Love the channel, don't comment much, but I have to here.

    That is not horse meat.

    I mean, I'm sure it is meat, from a horse, but, no.

    If you are looking for a decent cut, find a real Dutch butcher or shop. (Michigan has lots, most states really.) It's actually pretty great.

    Full disclosure, stopped eating it way back as, well, it's horse, and I like them. But as far as it goes, you have to give it a real try.

  10. K Richner
    K Richner says:

    I don't know what that can say's ? I do know if a big YouTuber from the Ukraine that talked about eating that particular animal, it's definitely common over in that region of the world. They don't do as much today since the issues over there but a hint at to who I'm talking about the name of his channel contains SUS and Super. If you're interested in finding that video. I would post a link but YT will just delete it.


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