Hunan Chicken Wings – Spicy Asian Wings – Chinese Chicken Wings


Chicken wings are a staple food at The Wolfe Pit! Deep fried, grilled, smoked, BBQ’d, pan fried, broiled, baked, you name it! The key to great wings is a crispy skin and a good sauce. Hot, mild, sweet, tangy or savory, the sauce it the magical ingredient that can make a good chicken wing or a bad chicken wing!

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  1. keith bettag
    keith bettag says:

    larry that was why i started doin the vids, i was so tired of hearing my friends say, i dont know how to cook—-that is why i say so much, jus get in the kitchen and throw some stuff together, one never knows til they do it—-btw, the only oriental food i eat is mongolian beef, do u do a version of this, lol

  2. theresa bollman
    theresa bollman says:

    I just had to save this in my Favorites…Man, Wolfie, you sure have my family eating a lot of great Chinese…I last week I finally was able quit using the take out place…It had reached an all time low. Thanks for sharing, your recipes are great.

  3. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Very good, Larry . . . that looks really, really delicious! I'm going to save this one!

    Between you and Linda, I just don't how you either of you keep coming up with all these great ideas and videos! *lol*

    WAY beyond *my* abilities!

    All best, thumbs up, and favourited, Jersey Joe 🙂


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