How to Trim a Boston Butt Pork Shoulder | Tips & Techniques


Chef Tom takes us back to barbecue basics with this Tips & Techniques video on how to trim a Boston butt pork shoulder for smoking.

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  1. Bernie D
    Bernie D says:

    Yeah after watching this video I now know for a fact I could show up at your place with a Weber smoker and hand you your ass on a pork butt cook off… Bobby Flay style…

  2. NJ2KC001
    NJ2KC001 says:

    Awesome method for trimming a pork shoulder! I will never go back to leaving the fat cap on or not trimming the fat out of the crease. This makes for a better finished product!

  3. DickeyDad
    DickeyDad says:

    You did a similar video last year where you showed the entire seasoning & smoking process, I've done 3 pork butts now using that method, & they have turned out amazing every time. So much flavor! And less cooking time is a plus too! Thanks


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