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How to Stuff and Roll a Pork Loin with Apple and Sausage Cornbread Stuffing! This is an amazing pork loin recipe that is delicious and will wow your guests at the the dinner table! Simple, easy and Delicious! Watch this video and see how easy this is to do!


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  1. TheWolfePit
    TheWolfePit says:

    THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD! Since You Tubes new changes some of my videos were deemed not suitable for all advertisers and were either limited with monetization or simply demonetized. After requesting manual reviews and talking with creator support nobody could tell me why they were limited or totally demonetized and there's nothing in these videos that violates YouTube community guidelines that I could see. So I'm doing a little trial and error to see if I change the title, descriptions and tags if it will solve the problem?

  2. GeneSun
    GeneSun says:

    If you would have wrapped that in bacon I'm pretty sure you would get your own national holiday! If it's mainly guys voting you would achieve mythical god status.

  3. Adam K
    Adam K says:

    making this in the oven based off this and your older loin recipe with the onion gravy. if you read this today, can you give me a rough estimate on the time it takes to cook one? Ill cook to temp but I want to kindof get an idea of around when to put it in the oven. Thanks alot for this! having it with apple bacon brussels sprouts, baked apples and roasted cherries. ( bit of an apple theme here) Its going to be a great xmas dinner, even if I did cut the heck out of my thumb slicing that loin (i went a little overboard and rolled it out to about a 1/4 inch thick. its ENORMOUS now). Learning how to tie it up was pretty neat and you made it easy. I really like your reviews and recipes., thank you for taking the time to make them.

  4. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    YUM! That looks almost good enough to consider suicide by pork. LOL

    The first time I stuffed one, I butterflied it myself. It was "acceptable," but that's about the best I could say for it. The second time, I let my meat guy do it. He did it in about 1/10 the time, and it was perfect. There ARE occasions when it's permissible to let someone else handle your meat for you….. 😛

  5. Molly Mayor
    Molly Mayor says:

    I got a piece of pork to do this with but after a specialist appoint net last week she broke two of my knuckles. I do have oestio lol but now I won't be cooking anything. Great video xoxo

  6. GetTheFO
    GetTheFO says:

    Thanks for the video, made my breakfast seem a little tastier. It's a shame about the youtube issue you've been having… You're one of the last content makers I could have imagined running into an issue with it! Hopefully you're able to find out what's causing it.


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