How To Smoke The Best Whole Chicken In A Barrel And Or Drum Smoker


How To Smoke The Best Whole Chicken In A Barrel And Or Drum Smoker! I haven’t really figured out what to call it? A drum smoker or a pit barrel smoker or a barrel smoker? But since my brother-in-law Jim made this for me we named it a “Slim Barrel Smoker” SBS because his nickname is “Slim”. And OMG this chicken was absolutely amazing! Dripping with juices and so tender! And I couldn’t mess it up because I used my MeatStickX by @The MeatStick so that it smoked to perfection! It’s so satisfying to just let it roll and keep an eye on your temps with a MeatStick! And the only thing I put on this chicken is Uncle Steve’s Sweet & SpicyR from @Uncle Steve’s Shake and it amazing! I am absolutely loving my pit barrel smoker that my brother-in-law Jim made for me!

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33 replies
  1. In the Kitchen with Karen
    In the Kitchen with Karen says:

    Holy Juiciness!! I never knew a chicken could be that juicy!! That barrel smoker did a super job of smoking the chicken Kevin! And you can never go wrong with one of Uncle Steve's Shakes! I have that Flavor too that I use on Chris's Steaks and Ribs. Hope you are having a great week!

  2. The Bearded Italian
    The Bearded Italian says:

    Drippy, drippy little chicky!! 🤣🤣 absolutely love the SBS! So cool, and by the way Kevin, I got my box of uncle Steve’s shakes in the other day and used that one sweet and spicyR on a pork shoulder cook I did that will be uploading soon to my channel!! Delicious looking chicken my friend! 😋👊🏻🍻

  3. PoorGuyWithABlackstone
    PoorGuyWithABlackstone says:

    Hey Kevin. My son had been bugging me to do a whole chicken. Might give it a try on the Akorn Jr. Man, all the cool kids have the MeatStick X. Probably why I don't have one. Lol. Just super. Love it brother. ✌️

  4. Mrs. Sonia Elaine
    Mrs. Sonia Elaine says:

    This looks so good and fun to do. I don’t know how but o haven’t smoked a whole chicken yet. I love that barrel smoker. Oooooo that chicken is making me druel. Thanks for the inspiration, I need to make this soon.


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