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In this video I will show you step by step how to make the perfect Prime Rib Roast EVERY TIME!


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43 replies
  1. Becky A
    Becky A says:

    Mr.Wolfe – can I come to your house for any meal? It looks like you’re a fantastic cook and I love your videos
    Edit- that grill looks awesome, but expensive? I need a new grill and this one looks great and that meat looks amazing! Especially comparing it to the other photos!

  2. lucas mcquillan
    lucas mcquillan says:

    I absolutely love prime rib simpler the better nice and rare in the middle with a little garlic butter 🥩 😋 that looks delicious I wish I had some right now You have to roast it with the bones more flavor 🎄⛄🥩 The movie is good fellas

  3. 현민수
    현민수 says:

    Hey Larry, that is one beautiful prime! Would it be crazy if I threw in red pepper flakes or cayenne papper on top of it after I slice it for some heat or would that affect the flavor too much? Thank you for these great videos!

  4. Poor Redneck World
    Poor Redneck World says:

    This video made my mouth WATER…. God that looks good. But I cannot afford to buy that kick was grill. So I would need to do it in my oven. But I probably cannot afford the meat in the first PLACE. 😬😬

  5. FoulOwl
    FoulOwl says:

    Wow what a coincidence! I JUST got home from my butcher. I drive my Mom and myself 64 miles round trip every other week to our "good ol fashioned country butcher" every other week for our meats. Wayy out in the middle of nowhere. Yet there's usually a line to the door. He's an amazing guy. Walking into his shop is like stepping back in time. Nothing gets cut till you point to it and say "That one. This much. This thick".
    Anyway we JUST reserved our six bone, bone in rib roast for Christmas. He can get Prime grade. But honestly his choice grade is of such high quality, we usually save the extra money and just go with Choice Angus. I'm doing mine on my smoker/grill as usual too. I only use a very minimal amount of smoke and only for the first 30-45 minutes. The rest of the cook l just use plain lump hardwood charcoal and no smoke. I try to maintain 225-250. I don't want the smoke to overwhelm the wonderful meat.

  6. fusion210
    fusion210 says:

    Looks awesome! I know some of us are doing this cut for Christmas.

    I'm most impressed by the probe of the Memphis. I just had to buy two new ones for my Pit Boss and they are pretty flimsy.

  7. Monroville
    Monroville says:

    It also helps to know how your oven works. Some ovens get hot faster, and cool down slower.

    I’ve tried the chef John method (cook your roast at 550 for 5 minutes per pound, turn off the oven and leave the roast inside for 2 hours) and it comes out very well done.

    I’ve had to lower the temperature to 450 and do it for 2 to 3 minutes per pound, and take it out @ 45 to 60 minutes. Best thing is to get a wireless thermometer so you know exactly when you get to medium rare.

  8. Steve Logan
    Steve Logan says:

    Larry my friend, great job, & all prime rib needs is S&P ( maybe some Lawry's brand only of garlic salt) , this looks delicious. For subs/ viewers, all cows have rib roasts to make prime rib , but that does not mean the meat is prime. The USDA has 8 grades of beef , 3 which are sold at grocers/butchers, top is prime, then choice, then select, the 1st cut Larry showed was select & poor at best, & the other 5 grades work down into canned meats, pet foods, etc…so when you buy a rib roast it will say rib roast & not prime rib. Make sure to check the grade of meat as you want prime( most expensive) or choice( still great) & not select because if you do you will get cuts like the 1st pic with a lot of fat & just poor quality. Trust me, 56 yr. old irishman with advice for you from experience.

  9. S Jenkins
    S Jenkins says:

    That 8 lb boneless prime standing rib roast retails for $470 before shipping according to the Lobel's website. I love prime rib, and I make a very good living, but that is a lot of money for a roast!


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