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Learn how to smoke a beef chuck roast on a Weber Smoky Mountain Smoker (WSM) to moist and tender melt in your mouth pulled BBQ Beef perfection!

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48 replies
  1. M H
    M H says:

    Love it. Although, skip the bbq sauce on the sandwhich. Instead, go for some leftover beef drippings and white bbq sauce, which is basically horseradish, mayo, apple cider vinegar

  2. Jessy Bwoy86
    Jessy Bwoy86 says:

    i think you got way too much wood in that pit buddy ! you want a thin blue smoke. That way you got thick white smoke, because the pit is not hot enough since you have only 4 coals lit. The cook seems perfect though, but i doubt you have a good smoky taste, pretty sure the taste is too bitter.

  3. WR3ND
    WR3ND says:

    Bush's Beans are great. Just put them in an open aluminum pan, add in some BBQ sauce and mustard, then put them on the barbecue indirect at about 250 F with a decent hickory chunk for a couple hours. Some of the best beans you've had done easy.

  4. snatcher420
    snatcher420 says:

    Just did mine with salt and pepper the last time. Think this time will do it with the Wolf Bold rub, Purchased all the recipes a few yrs ago. Haven't used them in a while.

  5. Slater Brazeal
    Slater Brazeal says:

    As a meat cutter I have an appreciation for someone that knows exactally what you want! Prices aside there is not one cut of beef that can't be absolutely delicious if cooked properly. On that note any roast cut off the beef shoulder would work great with this recipe as well. Because the classic chuck roast is the most famous it is generally the most expensive. Just don't use anything off the back legs or it will toughen up on you. Those are for oven roasting.

  6. BEER-N-BBQ by Larry
    BEER-N-BBQ by Larry says:

    I agree. Chuck roast is a cheaper brisket alternative. I did a video like this on my channel, but yours looks so much better. My method focused on getting smoke for a few hours. Then braising it in a Dutch oven. I'll try to adapt your method on my next chucky. Thanks Larry!

  7. Carole C
    Carole C says:

    Looks amazing. Now I just need a smoker. I do have a Weber Charcoal grill. IDK?? Maybe I could try indirect for a couple of hours??

    But really now Larry, even LAZY can doctor up a can of beans. Some chopped onion, green pepper, brown sugar and some of your BBQ seasoning mix. Yummm Not hard and you can even nuke it. LOL

  8. Smokes A Rollin
    Smokes A Rollin says:

    Love this and your spaghetti twirl is perfect. I'll never forget that trick. My question involves the water pan. Do you add water? Or just foil it? I've heard of people adding sand as well. That chucky looks killer


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