How to make Stromboli -The Wolfe Pit

The Wolfe Pit makes a homemade Stromboli……after trying this you will never order one out again! Quick and easy!


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  1. Alexa M  Heying
    Alexa M Heying says:

    im outta my mind! Im from Philly Lar, you know your sh**t dude! Have u ever made Italian Hoagie Stromboli ? ham, salami, pepperoni, cappicola, provolone, tomatoes and onions (cooked lettuce aint cool). you rock male person!!

  2. Jazzy Jeff
    Jazzy Jeff says:

    I just subscribed because iheartrecipes suggested your channel and boy am I glad!! Everything looks mmm mmm good and easy to make. Im all for not spending hours in the kichen. Aint nobody got time for that!!*,~Anyway, if I missed it, I apologize, but what is a good store bought dough substitute, because we dont have that brand here.. Thanks in advance for your reply and keep em coming!!

  3. seanviv2
    seanviv2 says:

    Wow I will never buy it since it's so easy to make and looks so good. Did you tuck the edges under or what I can't tell and did you seal it with egg wash thanks for the video I would like to see you make that with pepperoni and other variations too. Shawn


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