How To Make Pork Carnitas – Pork Carnita Burrito Supreme Recipe

In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make Pork Carnitas. With the pork carnitas, they make Pork Burritos Supreme.

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“George Street Shuffle” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. mschmidtTX
    mschmidtTX says:

    Just tried this and the kids loved it.  I always made carnitas in the crock pot, where they would boil in their own fat all day.  Yuck!  This is so much better, and the cinnamon really brought it over the top.  My wife now calls our kids the Wolfe Pack.

  2. joed596
    joed596 says:

    You're  amazing, Wolfe!   🙂

    How in the world do you EVER come up with all these spice mix ideas ??!?  Your recipe looks super delicious and very appetizing (as always!) 

    All best and thumbs up,  Jersey Joe  🙂


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