How to Make Pizza Dough | Tips & Techniques with Chef Tom


Chef Tom walks us through the Tips & Techniques needed to make the perfect Pizza Dough. Flour, water, salt and yeast. Simple and delicious!

Full recipe:


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  1. DentargPL
    DentargPL says:

    This amount of dough should be enough for 4 12inch pizzas not 2 ;). And I would let it ferment at least 24h in the fridge. There is also video about fermenting 1-7 days (on YT). Taste of the dough changes with time, the longer the better.

  2. Toto CH
    Toto CH says:

    These days my favorites toppings are chorizo + anchovies + calabrese Peperoncini pickled. Trick 1: add a drip of olive oil in the dough. (Yeah… I know it is heresy for all the Napolitan, but I follow Bonci's receipt :p ). Trick 2: be careful with the water you use, chlorine can kill the yeast.

  3. Food on Fire
    Food on Fire says:

    Good video. I believe that "00" refers to how finely the flour is ground, not its protein content. I have the exact bag in the video which states that its protein is only 10%. King Arthur AP, by contrast, is 11.7%.

  4. OSRSallDay
    OSRSallDay says:

    I love chef Tom, I would just like to touch on something that I feel he doesn’t. You don’t need the fancy tools he uses to make this same exact pizza dough. I mean they help and they are nice but in all reality you only need a bowl, measuring cups, and obviously the ingredients. So if you don’t have a stand mixer, instant read thermometer, scale, and a dough cutter don’t be discouraged you can literally make the same exact thing with just a few common kitchen tools and you will not be able to tell the difference in quality, I personally think dough kneed by hand is a lot better, also a lot more labor intensive but worth it in my opinion.

  5. Nick Cutler
    Nick Cutler says:

    Nice simple and easy just how I like my tips videos with the fact that the pizza dough will be used in a later video. Awesome. You know they actually have competitions involving pizza dough tossing?

  6. Greavous Skoger
    Greavous Skoger says:

    Ive been using locally made honey instead of adding any sugar and it seems to bring some magic to the dough. The chew is improved and the taste as well. If you want to go wildass… try using your favorite beer instead of water.


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