How to make Maryland Style Crab Cakes


The Wolfe Pit makes a Chesapeake Bay Classic……CRAB CAKES. Keep theses simple, do not over season, you want to enjoy the taste of the crab, not of filler and other seasonings.

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  1. Tim Fishhunt
    Tim Fishhunt says:

    Just so all the really not so smart people in the comments understand, Old Bay seasoning was invented in 1939. So are you tell this man that before that No person in Maryland ever made Crab cakes the old fashion way or correct way? Crab cakes have been around for centuries. Old bay is a man made spice made in the last 90 years. My father would be 98 now and got his crab cake recipe from his Mom, this puts it well before the invention of Old Bay. its simply a shortcut for people who don't know how to season. Maybe I should sell salt and pepper mixed together and call it new bay.

  2. Marvin Walker
    Marvin Walker says:

    🥺😳👀 Im a Marylander, we always use O'Bay season and mustard! Without them, I don't know what you doing calling these Maryland Chesapeake Crab cakes, SMH, 😂🤣😂🤣😳

  3. sam.smith
    sam.smith says:

    MAN OH MAN == yu were doing SOOOoooo good == not too much crap to take away from the flavor of the crab == bread done just right == lettuce added a little enhancey flavor == and then yu put a TOMATO on it = yu tired of the flavor of CRAB == OR WHAT ? ? ? DUMMY ! ! == got HOOKED from your hamburger junkie crap = shame shame shame ==== HUH ? ? ? === hahahahahahaha !

  4. Michael Harr
    Michael Harr says:

    I don't know who you are , or where you are from . But , gotta go George Carlin on you . ANYTIME you see Maryland STYLE crab cake … not a Maryland crab cake ! Carlin … Chocolate flavored drink , you guessed it , no fucking chocolate . Not the same .

  5. 757 Virginia
    757 Virginia says:

    Yall keep hollering Maryland crab cake i stay in Virginia an the Chesapeake Bay is the best were we stay Maryland barly have water to go fishing an crabbing we surrounded by water in Tidewater Virginia


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