How to make Goulash

How to make Goulash

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  1. @hollypierce3076
    @hollypierce3076 says:

    I grew up eating this version of goulash(my grandparents are Polish) so when i started dating my husband we went to dinner at his aunts house and she was making goulash…. It was hamburger, noodles and potatoes in tomato sauce. So I didn't say anything about it, I just figured there was a change of plans for food.
    We get in the car and he asked if I had a good time, I said yes but i wasn't a fan of the dinner. He asked "you've never had goulash before?" So long story short, next family dinner was at my grandparents house and I requested goulash, it blew my husband's mind! And now 26 years later and we only ever make the Hungarian goulash like this!!😂😂😂

  2. @LatitudeSky
    @LatitudeSky says:

    They do have grated onions. Use the diced dehydrated onions. Crush them up a bit if desired, to get smaller pieces. Soak them in broth or hot water for 10 minutes and they rehydrate, all nicely chopped up. Diced dehydrated onions are about a dollar a bottle Ollie's Outlets.

  3. @abbynormal7525
    @abbynormal7525 says:

    I ❤ the drama of Goulash on this channel. In the end it’s just food and all dishes have variants. Just stick it in your pie hole and be quite 😂 and enjoy. Thank you Larry, this looks amazing .I have been making your American Goulash for a bit ❤.

  4. @lazygamer9725
    @lazygamer9725 says:

    Larry. Larry here as well…. im glad im not the only one that spanks cakes and cant keep my hands off my meat!!! Maybe its just us Larry's that have this problem….. good day sir. Been watching for years!! Always honest good food…. thanks for what you do brother


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