How To Make Coca-Cola Chicken Wings – Chinese Chicken Wings – Recipe

The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make Coca Cola Chicken Wings. Chinese Chicken Wing Recipe. Perfect appetizer recipe.

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47 replies
  1. Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver says:

    Hey Larry,

    Could you do Jack and Coke wings? How do you think that would taste if I added a shot of Jack once the sauce starts to reduce and thicken? If I wanted to make them spicier could I add my hot sauce to it??? Thanks, they look so good!

  2. Byron Chandler
    Byron Chandler says:

    Larry, that recipe looks SOOO yummy in my tummy. Say, if you got time, could you do a video request for me? Could you please make grilled chicken teriyaki and fried jalapenos? Please and Thank you. I would really appreciate it with my warm and loving heart. Your amigo, Byron Chandler.???:)

  3. Randy T. Scarecrow
    Randy T. Scarecrow says:

    I see you have no fear with adding an acidic beverage to cast iron, and it doesn't bother me one bit, but some people might take issue…and I've instructed my staff to refuse all calls pertaining to, or referencing aforesaid at the moment 😉
     I use a similar method (ok, pretty much exactly, just different timing) for glazed carrots using ginger ale for the glaze.
    Those chile peppers, Tien Tsin as I see by your blog, I think I've seen them in dishes from Asian style restaurants, but I don't eat them as I feel they are more a garnish or perhaps a flavor enhancer. But have never seen them at the grocers I frequent. but the wings look delish!
    I confess I have used Coke in some recipes….oh,…sputter – koff koff, I did mean to imply nor impune…dammit!
    Guess I better call Saul 😉

  4. CraftsAndMore315
    CraftsAndMore315 says:

    Hi Larry, this comment actually doesn't have anything to do with this video. I learned of a contest called Bud and Burgers. Budweiser Beer is holding a contest for amateur cooks (must be an amateur cook not a professionally trained chef) to make the best burger that would go with a Budweiser beer. The grand prize is $100,000.00. I have included a link below in case you are interested in trying this. I just thought I would share, that's all. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Fritz is Cookin Again
    Fritz is Cookin Again says:

    Hey Larry !!! How is my Carolina Brother !!! Please say Hey to Birdie from Me , Mom , and ole Sarge !!! Oh my my Miss American Pie those Coca-Cola Chicken Wings  were Off the Charts Flavortown USA !!! NEXT Level Yummy !!! As Always Larry Wonderful Video and a Heck of a AWESOME Cook …

  6. Juanelo1946
    Juanelo1946 says:

    Larry, I was wondering "where is he going with this? The wings are swimming in coke!" But, in time, the liquid reduced to a gorgeous, thick, velvety coating that caused my tongue to hang out. What a great idea! Would you venture to guess whether this would work with Diet Coke, or Diet Pepsi? I know, I'm such a killjoy! Thanks for a great recipe!


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