How to make Chinese BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich on a Grilla Kong Kamado! – The Wolfe Pit


Chinese BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (中国烧烤拉猪肉三明治)
If you like BBQ Pulled Pork and you like Chinese Food, you will LOVE this pulled pork sandwich!

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21 replies
  1. C H.
    C H. says:

    Ummm is impossible for your wife to " steal" anything from you…as NOTHING belongs to is all her's…what you have she allows you to have…Did you NOT read the fine print on your marriage license…😁

  2. Cj Brown
    Cj Brown says:

    Love the video, looks amazing and will be trying this very soon. Really enjoy the work that you and your family record. Please do not let a negative comment screw with your day. We love ya!!

  3. wangl601
    wangl601 says:

    Well, seems google translate needs another fix/patch.
    “拉” is used as a verb, with meanings of "pull", "drag", "stretch" ….(and"activity of another end")
    As far as I know, "pulled pork" is "slow cooked, tender pork which could be pulled". So, "中式烧烤风味慢烤嫩猪肉三明治" may be better.


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