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Original Springfield Cashew Chicken Recipe! This is the original style cashew chicken that is very different than the cashew chicken we normally eat in Chinese Restaurants! Simple, easy and Delicious! Watch this video and see how easy this is to do!


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28 replies
  1. TheWolfePit
    TheWolfePit says:

    THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD! Since You Tubes new changes some of my videos were deemed not suitable for all advertisers and were either limited with monetization or simply demonetized. After requesting manual reviews and talking with creator support nobody could tell me why they were limited or totally demonetized and there's nothing in these videos that violates YouTube community guidelines that I could see. So I'm doing a little trial and error to see if I change the title, descriptions and tags if it will solve the problem?

  2. rhonda90402
    rhonda90402 says:

    Roasting the cashews for 5-10 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees really makes a difference in Chinese dishes..Most you buy at the store are not roasted enough. In real Chinese food they deep fry the Cashews to make them really brown.

  3. TopHat
    TopHat says:

    I'm from Springfield, MO, and this Cashew Chicken is unbelievably GOOD! We have Cashew Chicken restaurants all over town and every town near here. We just can't get enough of this wonderful dish!

  4. Honeysuckle Blossom
    Honeysuckle Blossom says:

    I started watching this hoping Larry would come up with something that tastes good without including stuff I'm allergic to, nope! Milk check, egg and flour check…damn! Still watching though I'm sure I can just use in breaded chicken. I flipping need something tasty to eat. I would happily move in with Larry's family 😀

  5. Eric Gatewood
    Eric Gatewood says:

    I live in Springfield. Leong's is not my favorite, due to price and flavor but cashew chicken is about all I eat when going to any of our local restaurants for Chinese. My brother has drove from Tulsa Oklahoma, where he lives, just to get his cashew chicken fix! I've been a subscriber for a couple years. Keep up the vids!

  6. E Y
    E Y says:

    Milk doesn't exist in Chinese recipes for various reasons, but mainly because Cows are NOT native to China. Also, most Asians (not limited to just Chinese) are lactose intolerant. Again, likely due to many generations lack of exposure to cow milk and based products.

  7. etc initd
    etc initd says:

    Reality warp — growing up in Springfield myself I never knew that there was a 'normal' cashew chicken until I was a pre-teen. $4 for a big plate at the local Chinese joint was very affordable on a high schooler's budget. A lot of good memories made with friends having dinner and planning our next scheme.

    Been out of SGF for 2 years now, and I miss the hell out of it. When I visit twice a year I land at the airport and then get a Lyft to Pacific Kitchen, a place on the commercial side of the city.

  8. jaredultimatum
    jaredultimatum says:

    There is a documentary about General Tso's Chicken on Netflix that explains how this cashew chicken came to be. A Chinese worker was offered his own restaurant in Missouri if he would come to the state and cook. He knew that country people would want some comfort food and he thought of fried chicken. He combined Chinese ingredients and fried chicken and came up with this dish. There is a cheap Chinese buffet in Joplin Missouri that serves this and it is really good. I hope you can watch the documentary.

  9. Charlie M.
    Charlie M. says:

    Greetings from Springfield, Missouri. I grew up with this awesome Cashew Chicken from both Leong’s Tea House and his brothers restaurant, Gee’s East Wind. I look forward to trying your recipe and thanks for all of your videos. You have a new subscriber!


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