How to Make Candied Bacon for Someone With a Diet Restriction #baconcandy

How to Make Candied Bacon for Someone With a Diet Restriction
Recently Mrs. Dude had surgery and after several set backs she finally is on the road to recovery. She tasked me with making something that I like but that she could eat and out of that challenge this recipe happened! She really liked it and has asked for it several times since!

Mission Statement –
You don’t need to most expensive bbq’s, grills and smokers to make amazing foods to impress your friends and family. I want to show you that everyday bbq’s, grills and smokers are affordable and easy to use plus the Flavors they can put out are unbelievable!

Hello everyone, I’m El Duderino AKA “The Dude” and My goal is to show you anyone can make any meal outside and have fun while doing it. So grab a White Ukrainian 🍹 or an oat soda 🍺 and lets do this.
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So with that said lets do this!
“Here’s to letting life come to us once in a while”

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