How to make Beef Pot Pie – The Wolfe Pit

In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make a beef pot pie using Guinness Stout and a little creativity.
Visit The Wolfe Pit for the full recipe and ingredients –
“George Street Shuffle” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. June JulyAugust
    June JulyAugust says:

    Made this tonight. Actually, I made the beef filling last night and the crust tonight. It was a lot less work. I didn't have any Wolfe dough in stock, but I have a double crust recipe that works well for all pies. Love your delivery. You make it all simple to follow!

  2. Fritz is Cookin Again
    Fritz is Cookin Again says:

    Hey Larry !!! I'll take a Bottle of the Extra Stout on the Side a well  !!! LOL … Outstandin Larry you Keep turnin Out some of the Best Cookin Videos I have had the Pleasure to Watch !!! Looked Fantastic Brother , and I am Sure it was Next Level Yum Tasty !!! 

  3. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    I would cringe a little pouring that Guinness in there.

    I've used your pie crusts before, but never realized that was you on the label. Gotten a little puffy lately, haven't you…  LOL

    The filling looks killer, and that pie has to be fantastic! Gotta try this.

  4. John Gilgert
    John Gilgert says:

    Definitely trying this. Love how u always make me laugh (the Worcestershire comment and the wolfboy dough in this one lol) and how u edit a whole recipe down to a couple minutes. Ur the best Larry!

  5. Rivet Gardener
    Rivet Gardener says:

    Good Lord, Larry, this is so delicious! Man you have created some serious eats over here, and I have added it it faves, because I am going to make this for sure! Gads, this is right up Mrs Rivets' and my alley. Goodness gracious what delectability in a pie! You sure made an Irish inspired  feast Larry, thanks!

  6. grandma lynda
    grandma lynda says:

    you nasty man. making those onions exercise till they sweat then adding beer and cornstarch to make all of the food tight. 🙂
    yes I have a weird sense of humour and I just proved it on a very popular channel.

    forgot to say that you do not sound like a cute chubby little guy.


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