How to Make Barbecue Sauce


In this week’s episode of Tips & Techniques Chef Tom takes us back to barbecue basics, once again, and teaches us how to make a sweet tomato based …

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  1. Paul Alton
    Paul Alton says:

    Hi Chef John, can't seem to find the recipe, the link is not working, could you tell me how much of the smoked paprika, ground onion, ground garlic and cayenne pepper you put in please, I am keen to try this recipe but may nee hard to find a few of the items here in France, thanks Paul

  2. Matthew Curry
    Matthew Curry says:

    Just started smoking meat at my house, started with some trout (which was my first attempt at anything and severely ruined) then went to chicken that turned out really good and eventually worked up to a 10lb pork picnic shoulder which I nailed! Watching these instructional videos along with watching a few others have really helped. Made my own Carolina gold a few weeks ago that family and friends loved and can’t wait to try this! Of course I tweak some things to make it my own but keep these coming!! I’m loving the whole process from prepping to watching friends and family lick there plates clean!! Thanks for the tips!!!

  3. mickvk
    mickvk says:

    I sure would like to hear your thoughts on refrigerated storage time as-is and if you used a canning procedure with heat, what would the storage expectations be. Thanks.

  4. Bertus
    Bertus says:

    We’re gonna do a basic sauce
    Proceeds to put in Hickory Smoked Jalapeño Mustard thats been dry aged for exactly 376 days in a cave on Mt. Everest carried down by a three legged mule


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