How to Make 'Baked Chicken & Vegetables' – EASY One Dish Family Style Meal – The Wolfe Pit

Baked Chicken Recipe with Vegetables is a very simple, quick and easy family style meal all done in one pan. This recipe is not only easy and delicious, it’s easy to clean up!

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39 replies
  1. Roger Edrinn
    Roger Edrinn says:

    Made this for the first time today . . . was surprisingly dry. However great flavor, so perhaps a lower temp and a couple cups of water? Anyway tender and flavor are not a bad place to start. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. BJ Wagoner
    BJ Wagoner says:

    Tried this bc my husband hates "cream of anything" soups. I used Newmans Own Balsamic Dressing with no other seasonings, chicken breast and potato, carrots mushrooms for veggies. I used a 9×13 glass pan and was glad I did bc it almost bubbled over. It came out fantastic. Not too salty either

  3. Chreeq
    Chreeq says:

    Please dont use the dressing if youre looking for something healthy.
    Just put some olive oil, minced garlic, pepper, salt and half squeezed lemon. It tastes better and makes this an actual healthy dish.

  4. Static Bits
    Static Bits says:

    I checked your blog and cannot find the recipe. I looked under the date of this video, too. Nada. I would love to try this but have no clue how much of the seasonings to add. Please put a link to the recipes under the videos. Thanks!

  5. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    Looks gorgeous! I've used Italian dressing in recipes such as this in the past, and it sort of fell out of my memory. I haven't done it for years. You just resurrected a few memory cells that weren't quite dead after all. 🙂

  6. joed596
    joed596 says:

    That looks super, Larry! :-0 Just my kind of meal: one-pot and delicious! <lol> 🙂 Thanks very much and thumbs up as always, my friend . . . btw, got your PM, and I understand. Some others have also experienced problems in responding to comments, so you're not alone. Better get out your long-johns for tomorrow! <lol> 😉 Norfolk Joe

  7. 0211Josie
    0211Josie says:

    Larry, I had to share this one with my mom. I know she would just love this one. Hell, who wouldn't! You have nailed it again! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year and thanks for all of your work. I appreciate it!


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