How to Make Aioli | Grilled Lemon Dill Aioli


Chef Tom walks us through the process of making a modern aioli. This Grilled Lemon Dill Aioli is a hybrid of the classic aioli and mayonnaise, and with the kiss of char from the Napoleon Grills Prestige P500, it’s a perfect condiment for everything from seafood to burgers to grilled veggies and more! 

Full recipe:

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  1. Michael DePew
    Michael DePew says:

    Pro-tip: if you use a stick blender with one of those beaker cups that's fitted for it, you can just put all of your mayo ingredients in, start pulsing at the bottom, then start lifting it up an inch and pulse down. Takes like 20 seconds to blend.

  2. Buddha
    Buddha says:

    No tiene ni idea de cómo se hace un alioli en condiciones, el ajo no se pica, se tritura hasta crear una pasta, porque así tienes un sabor de ajo uniforme, picando lo haces que puedas sentir que el ajo te golpee por comerte un trozo más grande que otro

  3. PortCanon
    PortCanon says:

    Out of ideas and at a total loss.
    Until I searched for an Amazing Sauce;
    Find AllthingsBBQ,
    And just do what I do:
    Grab a seat, kick back & chill like Bob Ross.

  4. PortCanon
    PortCanon says:

    So glad to see you use olive oil here! 👍🏼
    Canola oil = rapeseed oil, which is evil/unhealthy.
    They changed the name to ‘sound’ more palatable, but it’s still bad for you.


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