How to Launch a Pizza

How to Launch a Pizza

In this Tips and Techniques video Chef Tom discusses how to launch a pizza. In other words, how to get your pizza dough to slide off of your peel and into your oven. From choosing the right peel to his method of preparing the dough, he will help make your next pizza night a success.

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00:00 Intro the video
01:04 Choosing the peel
02:25 Flouring the peel
03:11 Building your pizza on the peel
04:25 Work quickly!
05:40 First launch with the bamboo peel
06:29 Building your pizza on the work surface
07:46 Launch wit the aluminum peel
08:19 Building a larger pizza
09:47 Fixing mistakes
11:07 Outro


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  1. Joe Michael
    Joe Michael says:

    Great tips! I have messed up plenty of pies while attempting to launch them into my pizza oven. Most of the time because of too heavy on the sauce or too many toppings. Also, another problem can arise due to some toppings being more wet than others. Like pineapple can be tricky. Pay attention to the parts on your pizza dough where it might be too thin…. You may not want to go too heavy on pizza sauce and toppings on the thin parts.

  2. Joseph Palmer
    Joseph Palmer says:

    Chef Tom I was curious, what do you think about perforating the inner portion of your pizza dough before putting it in the Uuni? That way you would still get the puffing and blistering on the crust, but the toppings would stay intact and sauce wouldn't burn

  3. Project337
    Project337 says:

    Never knew it was called "launching" a pizza, I had a wildly different mental image of what this episode was going to be about after reading the title. Thanks for the tips, Tom!

  4. Greavous Skoger
    Greavous Skoger says:

    another option to prep your peel is Corn Flour, the stuff you would use to make corn tortillas. Corn flour differs from corn meal a great deal and is pretty much semolina, just the mexican version. Corn Meal is made simply by crushing dry corn kernels into small bits. Corn Flour is made by first cooking the corn, then allowing it to dry and then ground. I used it for pizza handling.

  5. Izzy Long
    Izzy Long says:

    Love the vid! Also, I've worked in pizza for over 30 years and have learned that using flour on your peel to "slide" your pie off the peel, depending on dough, room, and/or peel temp could lead to the pizza sticking to the peel, and worst of all, the raw flour always burned and soured the crust taste in a +800 degree oven.
    When we got to train in Italy with Neapolitan dome wood-fired ovens, using cornmeal worked every time AND gave the classic Neapolitan "popcorn-like" crust flavor.
    If flour works for your location and skill level, cool. However cornmeal is far more traditional and fool proof.


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