How To Grill Filet Mignon Steak – Gas Grill Recipe


In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to perfectly grill USDA Prime wet aged filet mignon. Perfect recipe for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. GothSauce Productions
    GothSauce Productions says:

    Awesome steaks. I just made my favorite steak yesterday which is the Spencer steak. It's the most tender flavorable strip on the end of a ribeye steak, you know that end piece that is perfect. I tie it up with some twine so it resembles a filet, but taste like a ribeye then I reverse seared it.

  2. Cris Workizer
    Cris Workizer says:

    Larry you totally out did yourself there.cooked to perfection 125 degrees,thats how it is supposed to be.I need to make that for my Woman for her birthday.I bet that meat is better than you can get at your local steak house. awesom cook brother,looks like your really liking the gasser.maybe you should do a review on it as its time to ,get my girl a new one as well..just a thought. Thanks Larry

  3. The Bald Chef
    The Bald Chef says:

    Larry one of my favorite cuts of beef filet mignon. Those USDA Prime wet aged stakes look absolutely mouthwatering. 14 minutes later you created magic my friend, nice recipe.

  4. This is Whats for Dinner
    This is Whats for Dinner says:

    Wow, look at them beautiful filets, and that brand new shiny grill with the swirly bars!! I've never seen that before! You got it going on, Hawtness!! It's pretty pimp that you got your own promo code too… Doin big thangs my friend!!  I like the new Watermark/Wolfe Pit call sign on the photo's too.. Love the font…  I've been doing that lately also. 😉 I totally want some CHICAGO BEEF now!! Cheers Buddy!!


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