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Eating on a Budget? Budget meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner don’t have to be frozen processed foods or cheap fast foods. They can be very delicious and nutritious just like a non-budget meal if you use your imagination!



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47 replies
  1. Sherry G
    Sherry G says:

    Can’t use the diced tomatoes with chilis or creole seasoning for my family (allergies), but looks like I could use tomato sauce and chili powder as substitutes. Thanks!

  2. Lisa Paquette
    Lisa Paquette says:

    Wow perfect I can trick my husband into eating kidney beans I'm definitely gonna try this it's great what doing to help the people who can't afford much thank you🍁 happy new year🎉

  3. FoulOwl
    FoulOwl says:

    Hey Wolfe Pit just because it doesn't NEED hotsauce doesn't mean you shouldn't PUT hotsauce on it! Everything is better with a little Tobasco! I put it on just about everything l eat.

    My wife says it burns…😉

  4. The Daily Life Of Jay
    The Daily Life Of Jay says:

    Hello from Canada. I watch these videos for two reasons, unique recipes and to cry because in Canada food cost any wheres from 2 times to 10 times it does in the states. Dairy, Poutry and Pork in Canada by law have to be Made In Canada which is costly. A Four Litre Jug aka a gallon of milk here is almost $7 which is close to $5 American.

  5. HappytimesGaming
    HappytimesGaming says:

    Im definitly going to reccomend these low price meals to some of my girlfriends family members this will definitely help them out big time since there a large family keep them videos coming man – shoutout from oklahoma

  6. ganesh h
    ganesh h says:

    i'm really starting to dislike the direction this channel is going.
    you think people on a budget don't know how to cook rice and beans?

    i grew up poor and let me tell you, we did fine without some wise-ass in his suburban big kitchen house trying to play the "i'm helping people" card.

    just stick to what you eat youself and the crap from dollar tree.
    every video "but you can throw anything laying around in the kitchen in to it!"
    no shit, that's how you cook when poor.
    and do you really think people who have 1 buck a person to spend on a dinner watch this?
    most comments are "i'm in college and this is perfect for me", so they still spend 6 buck a person or if they eat with 2 three bucks, kindda defeats the purpose right?

  7. Linda Kinzer
    Linda Kinzer says:

    I really appreciate these recipes! I’m single, retired and on a pretty tight budget. All of these can be cooked, and frozen into individual portions that last quite awhile! They’re also perfect for church dinners and when I want to bring something men, women and children like. Thank you!

  8. Candace Vaillette
    Candace Vaillette says:

    My Aunt would make Rice hamburger hot dish. It was a pound of hamburger, 1 cup of rice or so, a can of cream of mushroom soup, can of veggies or fresh, onion if you like, and can of mushrooms or fresh. After you fry the hamburger add all of that together and the water for the rice. It was a favorite for us kids. We always asked her to make it as my mom never cooked rice, or used cream of mushroom soup. The 70's.

  9. Candace Vaillette
    Candace Vaillette says:

    Yummy! I would make this because it looks awesome!! I happen to have all of this in my cabinets right now too! Thanx for the idea!!! I was wondering what to do with the peppers in fridge and the little smokies I had hanging around.

    PRETTY JO L says:

    I saute in sweet cream butter tastes amazing,those tomatoes with Chile's aren't hot or spicy I dont think, just add a can of tomatoes and a jalapeno or serrano chilie pepper


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