How to Break Down a Whole Chicken | Tips & Techniques by All Things Barbecue

Chef Tom shows you how easy it is to break down a whole chicken at home. Save money, and make better food at home with your own chicken stock. Chef Tom is using the Victorinox 6″ Semi-Stiff Curved Boning Knife for this process, it can be found here:


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  1. Garth Clark
    Garth Clark says:

    Firstly, his filet knife is a must for this. A good sharpened curved knife just like in the video is the tool to have. That's what makes the process look so easy. Try it with a stiff bulky dull everyday knife and you will not have the same experience as Tom.

    Great self help video…when on sale, chicken breasts and legs etc. aren't so bad a deal but when you compare .79 or .89 cents a pound for a whole bird vs. 2.99 for a breast, you need to do the math to determine if the convenience is worth it all.

  2. John G.
    John G. says:

    Thanks for your videos, the tips you give are great!

    Can you give tips on how to safely vacuum seal BBQ and how to reheat them. There's very little info on topic. Such as safe temps to seal the food. Any tips and knowledge you can pass on regarding this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!!!!

  3. CC CC
    CC CC says:

    This idea may be really basic and a short clip, but would like to see a chicken stock video and some different ideas in how to store it or freeze portions.

  4. RedRisotto
    RedRisotto says:

    Nah…. Upload the whole video – without jump cuts so, that we can see if you actually know what you are talking about instead of simply trying to copy one of the 400 YouTube videos that do it right – start to finish – WITHOUT jump cuts. Nice try!

    I remain sceptical until I see you do this in one take.

  5. Lewis Gillmore
    Lewis Gillmore says:

    Hey guys! Love the videos, I'm a fan from the UK, and I'd love to try some of the recipes you guys create, the problem is it's extremely difficult to get a lot of the equipment and even just the rubs you guys use, so my question to you guys, could you put out a recipe, for some authentic American BBQ staples we could easily do at home (preferably a conventional oven) (maybe even a homemade authentic sweet n smokey BBQ sauce?!) Even the rubs would have to be 'home made' though – I've tried myself but I just don't have enough knowledge to get them right, we can obviously easily get all the regular spices and combine them ourselves, it's just really hard to get a hold of all these amazing ready made specialist brands you guys do, unfortunately it's just not that big over here. It would be absolutely amazing if you could! I understand I'm asking a lot but it would mean a huge huge deal to an American style foodie stuck on the wrong side of the pond, Much love! Scummy!

  6. Alan Lott
    Alan Lott says:

    Hi Tom, thank you for posting all of the great videos – I have really been enjoying them! Quick question on your wooden cutting surface. What steps do you take to clean and sterilize after you have worked on it, especially with chicken? Also, is there some kind of sealant you regularly apply? Thanks again!


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