How Good Is WOLF BRAND CHILI with Angus Beef & NO BEANS?

How Good Is WOLF BRAND CHILI with Angus Beef & NO BEANS?

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  1. @hayleymariemills
    @hayleymariemills says:

    Campbell's has came out with a chunky chili (with beans) that is the best chili I've had out of a can! It has kidney beans that aren't mush & a lot of beef. It tastes the least "tin can chili" than any other I've tried.

  2. @patriciasantillanes2497
    @patriciasantillanes2497 says:

    Thank you! I agree! Wolf Brand Chili is overrated. My daughter loves it, but I don't see any difference between that and a store brand canned chili. I only buy those to make chili dogs, other than that, l make my own. And l live in New Mexico around an hour from El Paso Texas.

  3. @michaelnorman4476
    @michaelnorman4476 says:

    I always preferred the ORIGINAL wolf brand chili. Has more seasoning but like others have said you don’t just eat it alone. Coming from Texas, Wolf brand chili is for Frito Pie or hotdogs or something like that, when you don’t have homemade chili available. Keeping in mind that it is canned chili. I’ll take homemade chili any day over canned. I cannot imagine just sitting down with a bowl of canned chili and eating it like that. I have not tried the Angus and it doesn’t look very good to me to be honest.

  4. @TheTurtleZebra
    @TheTurtleZebra says:

    I know this is way off subject but it just popped in my head while I was watching the video a friend of mine got a hold of me talking about Vienna sausages I did not know you were supposed to cook them it even says it on the can…. I never knew that I've always just ate them straight out of the can

  5. @twocvbloke
    @twocvbloke says:

    From what I've seen over the years, what classes as a Texas chilli is usually a lot dryer and darker than this, Max Miller did a decent video last year on Texas Chilli & the Chilli queens of San Antonio, worth a watch, and a good idea for a video to recreate the stuff he cooked up… 🙂

  6. @3v249
    @3v249 says:

    John from Texas. No can can compare to homemade chili. And the last guy was right no ground beef we’re talking real meat chunks. Real peppers like ancho and Guajillo. I do not know of a place that commercially makes real Texas style chili. I think it’s one of those you have to do yourselfno substitutions

  7. @jeenkzk5919
    @jeenkzk5919 says:

    As a Texan, I can tell you for a fact that Wolf brand chili quality has taken a dive in the past decade. I do enjoy the flavor, but it hardly has any meat in it. What I have done lately is get a regular can of wolf and add ground beef to it and dice up some onions. That seems to work better. Something I can recommend is four star beef chili. It comes in a little box that you heat.

  8. @noman6041
    @noman6041 says:

    You only microwaved it? You usually do a secondary heating method, so i was surprised you didn't do a stovetop method. Of course it's going to be bland and tasteless from the microwave. You need to put it in a saucepan and heat it up on the stovetop. You need to do a second review now using the other method.

  9. @allanleeth2415
    @allanleeth2415 says:

    For what it's worth. Wolf brand chili used to be a private label product from Corsicana , Texas. It has changed hands twice since and is currently owned by Con Agra. Please do not think this can contains authentic Texas chili. We take our state food seriously and what is in this can is only a facsimile . I have never had the blue label only the red. Been eating it since i was a kid. I like your reviews.

  10. @stevencorley2352
    @stevencorley2352 says:

    I've never eaten the Wolf Brand Chili with Angus beef. I have, however, eaten countless cans of regular red label Wolf Brand and enjoyed it. It is not real Texas chili as the spoon does not melt when the chili is stirred. (Yes I'm a native South Texan). Wolf Brand is good even so. I was taught NEVER to eat chili with beans in it. But my parents have both passed so now and then I indulge with beans so long as my brothers aren't around. Really enjoy your channel. Thanks

  11. @Ryarios
    @Ryarios says:

    I’m on a low carb diet too. My goal is to keep my carb intake below 10 kg a day. It’s not exactly a stretch goal…

    I’ve never had a canned chili I thought was any good for decades. There are some I can tolerate if I doctor up with things that actually taste good. I do have two requirements before I can call something chili. No beans allowed, and if i don’t get the sniffles after eating it then it’s not chili. The thing is that good homemade chili is EASY to make. It’s easier than buying canned and doctoring it up to a tolerable condition. It just doesn’t make sense not to make it myself. Which I do about twice a month…

  12. @banditkitty2743
    @banditkitty2743 says:

    I agree with your assessment; I bought a case for short term food storge and would never buy it again. You have to add your own ground beef (one cooked and broken up pattie will do) and add chili spices to get any goodness out of it.


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