How Good is Innovasion FROZEN Lo Mein

How Good is Innovasion FROZEN Lo Mein

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  1. @KimmysOtomeWorld
    @KimmysOtomeWorld says:

    I like a good saucy lo mein with semi thick lo mein/hokkien egg noodles. I grew up with my uncle's restaurant's lo mein, so I'm biased, but I just can't find another Chinese restaurant who properly seasons their lo mein or uses the right noodle. It's always one or the other. Their seasoning will be okay, but they use udon or spaghetti noodles. Or they use the right noodles, but it tastes bland. That or the noodles are dry or overcooked. I love lo mein, but have paid for disappointment way too many times. I've seen this frozen lo mein many times at my local grocery store, nice to know what it tastes and looks like, will most likely never be purchasing it lol

  2. @ronaldyeater3322
    @ronaldyeater3322 says:

    Sup Larry, still love the sign 'my dung's 😂🤣. Your right every place has different lomein, I've even ordered lomein and got chowmein, no speakle English. So easy make at home cheaper, still haven't had frozen, only Chinese had was pf chang general tsos chicken and yelled at daughter lol. Udon noodles cheap, people should watch your videos or website to see how easy, but I get your point over the years bro, tyvm tc

  3. @bigbadcreoledaddy
    @bigbadcreoledaddy says:

    I've tried the spicy noodles from the same company (InnovAsian) and they're okay. More sour than spicy, imo. But both the spicy noodles and the vegetable lo mein appear to be good platforms to build on. You can add a verity of meats or tofu and other veggies (as well as sauces) to take it up a level.

  4. @twocvbloke
    @twocvbloke says:

    If it says it has one thing, but it contains another, that's false advertising, and their being in the United States of Litigation, they're on thin ice there selling spaghetti as udon… 😛

  5. @Blitzkreig1976
    @Blitzkreig1976 says:

    Definitely the restaurant names had me cracking up…a place near me has paper menus that are quite amusing too😂 I absolutely LOVE asian food, the real deal and of course Americanized…but I have a big ol' container of MSG in the cabinet just in case😂

  6. @m.hreels9822
    @m.hreels9822 says:

    That's true! I never understand why Frozen Chinese food never turns out good. 🤔 💬 Chinese food is pretty cheap so it doesn't make sense why Frozen Chinese food never turns out well.

  7. @RYAN799
    @RYAN799 says:

    I've come to find out over the years you are just waaaay better off to go ahead and get chinese takeout over what a store offers, its the same price anyways at least in my area.

  8. @Braillemane
    @Braillemane says:

    Hey larry, there's a new kind of asian single serve meals by a brand called tai pei which is suprisingly good and not full of garbage ingredients. they come in what looks like an ice cream carton which is kind of funny. I'd recommend them.

  9. @pbr4814
    @pbr4814 says:

    We are what we eat … and I love TheWolfePit's videos. I've actually added some of his Asian "recipes" to my collection. They actually taste good and with a little tweaking are good for you!

  10. @MarkMeadows90
    @MarkMeadows90 says:

    Chinese restaurants are always going to be inconsistent everywhere you go. We have several in my hometown that are like that. When I want hearty beef lo mein, I usually stick with one or two of my favorite restaurants in the area. They know how to make great beef lo mein, and cheap too! A small order of it will fill me up just right.

  11. @joelweidenfeld471
    @joelweidenfeld471 says:

    You saying the ingredients look ok is no different than someone saying Hitler looks like a ok leader.. THEY plan on misdirection.. MAKE you think SHITA is added for something you assume but its added for a reason that you couldn't imagine….and tbe LIEING corporate lawyers HAVE manipulated the labels such that words like natural mean synthetic and the words hou use everyday are redefined by the RICH demons THAT RULE , thus hou were for decades upon decades fooled with words like Patty, tenders, nuggets , FAKE but stated olive oil, cheese, maple syrup etc. …ANYTHING in that label that's not in your kitchen and comes out of a chemical jar is a criminal alteration and theft bu deception.. just stopping at the first word i see thats garbage i see thiamine mononitrate which is not natural , AND I'd say its a nitrate, maybe like deli bacon hot dog nitrates which can cause liver and kidney problems… Nitrates on their own are not broken down by stomach acid. Instead, your gut biome can break down nitrate into nitrite, which can cause health complications such as an increased risk of cancer…..I HEARD A person who had a clue go over all tbe garbage in a MacDonalds burger….THE SHOW WAS GOING ON OVER A HOUR AND SHE WASN'T EVEN DONE WITH THE BUN…

  12. @tammiepowell2818
    @tammiepowell2818 says:

    As a person who lived in China and knows what real Chinese food should taste like (especially Sichuan), I have pretty much stopped trying Chinese food…it is always a disappointment. Lo and behold after moving to Atlanta not only did I find a restaurant serving authentic Sichuan food but the chef is from one of the cities I lived in. It is on the other side of the ATL from us, so if you know you know, but well worth it for me to occasionally splurge on their pure deliciousness (Gu’s Kitchen if you are in the area)
    Have you tried Indian food or Indian food from the freezer section? Honestly the majority of it scratches the itch when you have the urge.

  13. @digitalis2977
    @digitalis2977 says:

    They aren't horrible, but the veggie one is rather bland (go for the meat options instead) and I don't really care for the edamame: gimme green peas any day (Vegetable Taste Like Sad, but Fancy Vegetable Taste Like Sadder.)


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