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How Good are José Olé NEW Chicken and Pork Burrito Bowls?

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26 replies
  1. J A D
    J A D says:

    @2:30 Why the hell is it NOT recommended that you heat it up in the oven? What the hell?!
    ANYTHING…and I mean ANYTHING that can cook in a microwave should be able to be cooked in an oven, as well!!!

  2. Ely Perez
    Ely Perez says:

    Spanish refers to someone from Spain 🇪🇸 and the seasoning has a few Spanish. Spice and has a Mexican guy with a charro sombrero,so what exactly is the brand of food saying , it’s mixing cultures .

  3. Guilmon470
    Guilmon470 says:

    I tried the chicken one today and it was actually alright but I could tell it's the same rice, chicken, and corn that they use for fried rice just with different seasonings.

  4. Rubii Toxic
    Rubii Toxic says:

    How far back in your videos do I have to go to not hear “four meat slurry concoction”? Processed chicken with rib meat is still just chicken and processed pork with a pork and water binder is still pork!

  5. Paige Arnold
    Paige Arnold says:

    Its funny how these "taste good". No one ever bought these in the store I worked at. Maybe it was the price.

    We have them on clearance, and still havent bought a single one. It's pretty sad actually.


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