How Good are Frank’s Red Hot SpaghettiOs

How Good are Frank’s Red Hot SpaghettiOs

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  1. @wolfshadowshy
    @wolfshadowshy says:

    see they only came out with these because they discontinued spaghettios with franks so they can gaslight us into saying there was never spaghettios with hot dogs in it, bring back the real spaghettios with franks

  2. @stevenkimsey7039
    @stevenkimsey7039 says:

    I wish that I had a dollar for every can of spaghettiOs I have eaten in my lifetime. I still eat them in all their different varieties. I've been eating them for 50 years.
    The folks at Campbell Soup ruined SpaghettiOs when they changed the can that they are packaged in. When you had to use a can opener to open them the can had a brassy look to the inside of the can. 12 years or so ago spaghettiOs went to a pop top can and the can has a galvanized steel like can liner. SpaghettiOs have never tasted right since the can change. Campbell Soup ruined the flavor of spaghettiOs for me. 😖🙁👎. Thanks Mr. Wolfe for all that you do for us, the People 👍

  3. @blacksquaregamingpc
    @blacksquaregamingpc says:

    Nope. Nah huh. I'm out with the Anheuser-Busch comment. Imagine still crying about Bud Light 10 months after the fact because they sent a can to a single person that no one else could get. The tears never dry up for you clowns. I'll let you and your fan base get back to whining about Bud Light, Taylor Swift, vaccines and other trivial topics. AMF!

  4. @mgratk
    @mgratk says:

    They are marketing to the vast numbers of adult children running around. You know, the ones who wear elaborate costumes to comic conventions, and fill theme parks and collect toys and build lego sets instead of having families themselves.

  5. @LatitudeSky
    @LatitudeSky says:

    Franks has too much garlic, something not found in a real hot sauce. If I want a hot sauce, and I often do, I want heat. Not garlic. Louisiana Habanero or Crystal Extra Hot. Not garlic sauce like Franks.

  6. @philipchesley9615
    @philipchesley9615 says:

    The meatballs option was monumental in scoring easy protein.
    Nowadays frozen meatballs are ALWAYS on sale and can be chopped up and boiled (simmered; heated) in dish for a better healthy result.
    I finally remembered to buy some Accent (egads! MSG!!) and just a dash between heating pulses with subsequent stirring does the magical, mouth watering finish…
    Accent wakes up all canned food & everything, everywhere that's simmered, right into the next level!!

    pssst! Larry you know it lol!

  7. @JerryB507
    @JerryB507 says:

    As a adult approaching old geezer status, I still have SpaghettiOs and Chef Boyardee raviolis in the pantry. After an extra long day at work, they are fast, cheap and easy.

  8. @noman6041
    @noman6041 says:

    You only microwaved it? Where is the secondary stovetop preparation? It probably would have brought out more of the taste. This is the second video i've watched where you only did the microwave-you should stick to the two ways of preparing.


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