Homemade Meatballs – Italian Meatballs – How To Make Meatballs – Recipe


In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make homemade Italian Meatballs and Sub Sandwiches

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  1. Jim Beaux
    Jim Beaux says:

    This is another one where I almost can't resist showing you how I do it, but I just posted Italian beef sandwiches on your page, and I don't want to clog it up with too many posts from me.  So I will resist.  A principal difference (not the only one) is that I use a food processor on the ground meat before making the meatballs.  This gives a very light smooth textured meatball that immediately stands out from what most people make.  And, as always, I make my own sauce.

  2. CraftsAndMore315
    CraftsAndMore315 says:

    These would probably also be good with barbeque sauce. Instead of using the spaghetti sauce, use barbeque sauce and make barbeque meatballs. It's just a thought. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. They look and sound delicious.


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