Homemade Hamburger Buns – Beef Tallow Brioche

A beef tallow brioche bun will take your burger game to the ultimate level! Chef Britt shows you her best brioche recipe and bakes them on the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill!

Full Recipe Here: https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/beef-tallow-brioche/

What kind of mixer is that? It’s the Ankarsrum Assistant Original! https://www.atbbq.com/accessories/meat-processing-equipment/meat-mixers/ankarsrum-original-akm-6230-mixer.html


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  1. Gwen S
    Gwen S says:

    Totally dumb ass recipe and equipment. I do a gluten free / keto bun with beef tallow and it is the bomb. Also do a gluten free brownie using beef tallow it was crispy and chocolate heaven.

  2. William Colahan
    William Colahan says:

    Hey Chef Britt??
    With the ankarsrum mixer swing arm, I find it gives a more consistent knead and all round better result, if you lock off the arm a certain distance from the side of the bowl. An inch gap generally works for 500g to 1000g of dough??
    It tumbles the dough allot more evenly and gently, which simulates those hand kneaded characteristics.

  3. St. Rain
    St. Rain says:

    Tallow is greasy. Best beef fat is from kidney. Its suet, it solidifies after melting and cooling down. Great flavor and not oily greasy like tallow. Big difference

  4. James Smith
    James Smith says:

    One of the worst mixer designs for dough I think I have ever witnessed. Seen the grinder and sausage mixer thingy and thought it was kind of cool, but not for that price and the way it handles that dough. That was all about too much friction. I’m sure the chef couldn’t express the level of frustration since they’re repping the product. Definitely in need of a redesign. It should be spitting out Tiffany cufflinks at that price.

  5. Karo M.
    Karo M. says:

    Nice video. The buns look great. I will definetly test them. Maybe you know german “Stollen“. It is a very fat dough full of ingredients made of a mix of 2 doughs: pre-ferment (with only water, yeast and flower) and kind of short-pastry. You only have to split up the flower in this recipe. This could help to work in the fat easier and faster, so the dough won't heat up that much 😉

  6. BritDoesBBQ
    BritDoesBBQ says:

    That 2 handed roll is a familiar technique. Joking aside, great video. I'm looking into sous vide tallow, I may just try these out. Thank you very much and I can see the baker in you with those techniques and descriptions. Stay safe.

  7. Video 360
    Video 360 says:

    this is why we have no flower, eggs, butter, starter right now, the big problem with all this is that you use so much to make a batch and your most likely to get it wrong your first time as well. also with the higher costs now its going to coast you an arm and leg to do it. better to just buy from a local baker who is most likely hurting right now. in are house he have stopped all unnecessary use of flower to cut back.

  8. Apoxy
    Apoxy says:

    That mixer sounds like somebody put a Harley Davidson in the dryer. Bonus points for sheer design wackiness, though. What I really want to know is how might this turn out if you used bacon fat? Maybe would need to cut the added salt down to nothing?


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