Homemade Bialys on the Clementi Wood-Fired Oven


Chef Britt stokes the Clementi Wood-Fired Oven to show you one of her favorite breads of all time: Bialys! This humble roll is filled with a simple caramelized onion filling and sure to comfort the soul.

Full recipe here: https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/bialys/

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  1. Timothy O'Connor
    Timothy O'Connor says:

    Miss Britt. I hope everything is ok ?. I noticed that you are not wearing the rings that you normally wear. And the comment about crying about something else got me thinking. I love seeing you on this channel I hope you will continue with ATBBQ. Miss Britt, you bring a great another side of this channel that just works so well. Keep up the great work Miss Britt. I for one really dig your segments. Best wishes :)P

  2. Jaime Hyatt
    Jaime Hyatt says:

    That looks delicious. I grew up in NYC and there was a place on the lower east side, they made these. I remember them hot and fresh. They were a community bakery, there was no fame or trend to it, just delicious food prepared in a traditional way. I can’t wait to try these.


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