History of SPAM #SPAM #luncheonmeat #food #homemade #ham #breakfast #sandwich #delicious #lunchideas

History of SPAM #SPAM #luncheonmeat #food #homemade #ham #breakfast #sandwich #delicious #lunchideas


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  1. Haystack
    Haystack says:

    I don't think folks realize just how huge an influence SPAM was on some foreign nations and outlying parts of the US. It's very popular in the Philippines and in Hawai'i. I can personally attest that Spam Musubi (teriyaki-infused SPAM slice on a block of properly-seasoned sushi rice, wrapped in a strip of toasted seaweed, aka nori) is one of The Foods of the Gods and you must try it at least once to properly fulfill your culinary Bucket List.

    Also, Treet and Prem? Forget them, SPAM is where it's at. I will say that the Bristol brand at Dollar Tree that has the windmill on it is almost as good as actual SPAM, oddly enough.

  2. XxKRiZzKuSHHxX
    XxKRiZzKuSHHxX says:

    I'm only 24, so Gen-Z (Zoomer) and I love Fried Corned Beef Hash and Fried SPAM with Eggs and other cheap budget meals but yet yummy meals because of you and started coming up with my own budget meals during this hard time and I even started loving cheap chicken, beef and pork bologna especially when fried with white buttered bread and a liberal amount of mayo, so Thank You Sir Wolfe Pit for your amazing videos and funny jokes! ❤

  3. qmangillett
    qmangillett says:

    Meat alternative makes it sound like its plant based or something. Its still meat its just canned in a way that makes it have a great shelf life. Another item that has a great shelf life is sardines and kippers. Although they are not as popular

  4. Steve Logan
    Steve Logan says:

    Larry, we like spam , every home in rural S/E Kentucky keeps spam , potted meat, vienna sausages in their pantry, don't have to fry it either , eat it right out of the can if you want , good to take if going hunting most of the day

  5. Alfie Allen
    Alfie Allen says:

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  6. Reaches4Grapes
    Reaches4Grapes says:

    Cheap meat alternative… now it's like 6 dollars a can lmao. Like the ol hobos riding the rails eating canned sardines, can't find sardines under a dollar except extreme discount. Pork belly basically quadrupled in price before my eyes when I had a restaurant, long before c19. Glad I got out of the business. Profits way too small to rely on the price of goods not increasing for every reason imaginable…

  7. Sherry K
    Sherry K says:

    I love it sliced thin and fried until almost crispy, and put on wheat bread with lots of yellow mustard. I can't really eat it raw. I want to try the turkey one after seeing your video about turkey Spam.


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