Hell Burger Bacon Cheeseburger recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


The hotter she is the better..! Check out this hamburger recipe from Hell to serve up hot off your grill. She’s hot -just the way we like her….! You can print this barbecue recipe and 100’s more at our Website http://www.bbqpitboys.com/recipes/item/305/hell-burger-bacon-cheeseburger

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  1. DonPandemoniac
    DonPandemoniac says:

    Hungry for a hot burger recipe, I revisited this masterpiece to be met by an ad for Duvel (devil) beer first while I had Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast playing.
    Sometimes the universe just begs you to burn yourself.

  2. Jack Fisher
    Jack Fisher says:

    I'm about to make one HOT burger.. Hotter then yours.. You just reminded me to go buy some Jalapenos.. How could i forget Jalapenos! I have Dave's insanity sauce (hottest in the universe edition), Carolina Reaper Chilies (Officially the hottest in the world),and Hot Ketchup. Where are my Jalapenos! Thanks buddy for the reminder.

  3. Gene Hoyas
    Gene Hoyas says:

    There is a proper terms for this: "CULINARY SNUFF PORN." I watch it for the same reason other civilized human beings pause to gape at the carnage one observes at the scene of a train wreck: there is nothing in the way of spiritual (or culinary) redemption to be gained from the event, but it does satisfy a guilty desire.

    That said, I'll now depart from this awful trailer park answer to the question "Hey Mom, what's for supper?"


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