Grilled Wagyu Cheeseburger – Kobe Style Beef Burger Recipe

The Wolfe Pit shows you How To Grill American Wagyu Beef Burgers. All natural hormone and steroid free American Wagyu (Kobe Style) Hamburgers.

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  1. carolina beacher
    carolina beacher says:

    i just watched another video where the cook added tons of different seasonings and a lot of other things to the burger, i thought if this is the best burger in america, why would you put all the stuff on there, you prepared yours like i do all my burgers, a little salt/pepper, some candied onions, cheese and a toasted bun. i just picked up my first pack of wagyu and this is how i will do it. thanks for taking the time to make the videos for us foodies.

  2. AK Distributors
    AK Distributors says:

    Salt & Pepper that's it??? What is with you boring ass people, add some FLAVOR into your life, throw a little cayenne pepper, some garlic (powder or minced). Down south we love FLAVOR..Salt & Pepper by itself ain't shit.

  3. Troy Young
    Troy Young says:

    Hypnotic beef, grill…….aaarrrggghhh!   MUST BUY BEEF!!!!    Damn you LARRY!   AHHHH! sigh……oh well……..I guess there are worse ways to spend money/weekends! lol.   Take it easy.

  4. John Brannon
    John Brannon says:

    Nice video. Im not sure what kind of grill plate you were on, but when ever grilling on an open fire, you should never pepper meat prior to grilling. Pepper burns at 270 degrees (and most of us grill much hotter than that) and can impart a very bitter taste to the meat.


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