Grilled Sausages, Peppers and Onions by the BBQ Pit Boys

There’s no better eating than grilled Sausages, Peppers, and Onions, steamed in beer, and then served hot off the barbecue grill! It’s real quick and easy to do, as shown by one of the BBQ Pit Boys.

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at


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  1. Tramp69
    Tramp69 says:

    Want to thank you folks for your Recipes. I was treated for cancer and started out at 6'-4"- 220lbs. and was down to the end of chemo and radiation treatment. After I got some of my taste back I started eating a lot of your stuff and gained 100 lbs. back. The Doctors love it. I always recommend y'all. Screw the Vegematics and Food Police.Thanks Again.

  2. Joe Sanderson
    Joe Sanderson says:

    I do this the opposite way, but the same, I boil the sausages in the beer with the peppers, onions and spices untill they are cooked through, then brown them over the flames, super moist and juicy, I usually do this with brats for tailgating in a disposable aluminum pan, give it a try if ya want


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