Grilled Petite Tender | Teres Major on the Kamado Joe


The petite tender, or teres major, is a cut of beef that rivals the tenderloin in texture and flavor, but costs a fraction of the price. Chef Tom shares a simple technique for preparing a flavor packed steak on the Kamado Joe Classic III charcoal grill with his take on Grilled Petite Tender.

Full recipe:

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  1. David Poppe
    David Poppe says:

    Hey Tom!, I make a lot of your recipes for my team at work. Since one of my team members is Vegan!, what and how can I smoke somthing she can enjoy with us other than smoked Caulifower.

  2. Jeff and Mary Lutz
    Jeff and Mary Lutz says:

    Just back home from the South Beach wine and food where we saw chef Tomand I specifically asked him for more kamado joe recipes. Just a huge thank you to you Chef Tom! This recipe looks great and I will try it this week for sure!

  3. Gregory Morton
    Gregory Morton says:

    Great video! With St Patrick’s Day coming up maybe y’all could try some corned beef and cabbage or coddle? I know these are Scottish but Scotch Eggs and haggis would be pretty interesting on a smoker. Love the channel and your recipes!


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