Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

Chef Tom fires up the charcoal basket in a Napoleon Grills Prestige Gas Grill for a flavor packed Grilled Chicken Quesadilla and Avocado Salsa Verde!
Full recipe:


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  1. Patrick Jaszewski
    Patrick Jaszewski says:

    I love your videos, Chef Tom! Always looking forward to them. I'd love to see how you'd do a Brazilian churrasco-style pork ribs. I think fondly on being able to eat them more frequently and want to make them at yom

  2. StreetMedic12
    StreetMedic12 says:

    Just made some of the avocado salsa verde. It was heavy on the cilantro taste, so not so much if you want it a bit on the lighter side. It was amazing! We added peppers and onions and ended up making chicken fajitas quesadillas. Pretty dang good!

  3. T.R. Smith
    T.R. Smith says:

    Been watching and subscribed for… maybe a year, or so? Something like that.
    I have never seen you as stoaked, and in love, as much as this recipie. The excitement is sincere. Love what you cook, and for not being one of the many bbq/grilling channels that, straight up, suck.

  4. juggalochef2399
    juggalochef2399 says:

    Been putting the habanero salt on literally EVERYTHING lately…look over to Jacobsen's website and that along with so many other salts are sold out! When you make amazing products, they sell themselves but Chef Tom's opinion carries a lot of weight too!

  5. Terry Hoey
    Terry Hoey says:

    I'm surprised you didn't lightly grill the avocados. Just made some quesadillas last weekend, the grill was occupied, so just did them on the stove top. Yours look much better. I'll take some tips and run with them. Thanks!


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