Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger – Two Classic Sandwiches in ONE!

The Wolfe Pit makes two Diner Classics in one sandwich! Two, YES TWO grilled cheese sandwiches make the buns for this USDA Choice ground chuck burger. Add BACON, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and onions and you have a 2 grilled cheese sandwiches and a hamburger or a Double Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger! Enjoy!


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  1. Russell
    Russell says:

    Heh, there's an even crazier version of this called the double bypass burger at the Vortex in Atlanta. It's the same concept but with a 1/2 lb patty, 3 fried eggs, 4 slices of cheese, and 5 slices of bacon. It's quite insane but so good.

  2. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    Hahaaa! That's downright evil. I love it! I wondered what you were going to top that burger with, and I had NO idea it would be another grilled cheese. I'm gonna have to build one of these tomorrow.


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