Grilled Beef Pot Pie Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


On a cold winter’s night no food warms the soul better than a big serving of Beef Pot Pie. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys prepare a classic brown gravy and then add plenty of tender beef roast and vegetables to a pie that tastes so good even Martha Stewart would be proud to serve.

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  1. Braaidude
    Braaidude says:

    You could've made the pie pastry right there: 1/4 butter and/or lard, 1/4 boiling water and 1/2 flour. season to taste, mix and let cool. Not everyone has access to store bought pastry and it takes like only 30 seconds of your time. I'm sure it'd taste better too… otherwise looks great!

  2. mac bolan
    mac bolan says:

    hmmm.. i like the bacon, celery and wine addtion. this looks better than those (expensive) english steak and kidney pies i used to try out. although their traditional style, putting the meat abd onions raw into the pot dough, and then steaming it like a pudding for 2.5 hours, creates a delicious gravy. if harry potter saw this video, he would have opted to enroll in the US instead.

  3. practicalmagic9
    practicalmagic9 says:

    i also love using leftover beef or chicken in pies.usually there are potatoes and gravy or the makings just like he shows us or i can make a batch of biscuits and top the pie with that.its just as easy to make larger portions one night and use the leftovers several days.

  4. practicalmagic9
    practicalmagic9 says:

    i have a brother in law that pointed out meat fats are mono fats.not saying that he wasn't saying we should go crazy, but they are a fat our bodies know what to do with.he also advised using sea salt, which is better for us than iodized salt.


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