Grilled Apple Pie Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Fresh home-made Apple Pie served the way Grandma would have from her wood-fired kitchen stove is as classic American food as it gets. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys put together an old-time dessert recipe that’s not only easy to do but will warm the hearts and souls of all who are fortunate enough to enjoy a slice, and with a country flavor that George Washington would have known.

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  1. Stug 3 117
    Stug 3 117 says:

    Sir, after seeing so many of your video's and your comments about "Marther" I now understand. Glad you still love and miss her. My hat off to you Sir…….."Better go put that red dress on"

  2. vicarofrevelwood
    vicarofrevelwood says:

    I love when you guys do this kind of cooking. I use this when I go Camping with a large crew of People. At events. as for the Corning and Peeling? That's something to do with a few People. Accompanying  a Bowl or a Beer!


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