Giveaway Update and Live Chat!!!

Want to have a chance to win THE ULTIMATE GRILLING PACKAGE sponsored by Andersons Smoke Show? Come on now, its worth nearly $1700!!!! Check out the giveaway here:
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12 replies
  1. John Manthey
    John Manthey says:

    Thanks on the charcoal pellets. Right now I'm trying Lumberjack Char Hickory. Really can't tell about the charcoal flavor. If you have a great relationship with Camp Chef maybe you get them to get their supply lines caught up. I've been waiting for a year for the square castor legs for y Deluxe 24. With the Sear Box on the right, a full hopper on the left, a bottom shelf and front shelf that grill is a heavy move for this 80 year old. You said it right. We can't all afford the Woodwind WiFi. My Deluxe 24 turns out some pretty good stuff. You want a drum smoker? I'll give you a Oklahoma Joe Bronco with cover. I bought it new, on sale, from Home Depot. I tried doing a chicken. I couldn't seem to dial in the air and my fire started dropping halfway through. I can work my WSM 18" Smokey Mountain. You have a pickup. Get on I-90 and head west to Sioux Falls. I even have a guest room in my apartment. I've had it listed on Marketplace for a couple months. No takers. It's a little big and heavy for my suitcase. I don't think Delta would let me put on the plane when I fly on the 18th. Never go to Costco or Sam's on a weekend period. I had a chuckle about your "Hog Nuts" video. I was expecting to see you smoking Rocky Mountain Oysters. Unfortunately I caught this the following day after the fact. Do you put out an early warning for when you do your live chat's? When I do a pork butt I like to toss in a cup of Maker's Mark instead of water when I put it in the pan to wrap it. Saw the comment on lamb. Smoked chislic is a great appetizer. Well, young fellow I think I've bored you enough with this lengthy commentary. Keep up the good work.

  2. Timothy Hephner
    Timothy Hephner says:

    I cant believe how hard you work to keep this channel up to date and fun. So much information and the way you present it is very good. You are not a snobbish dude with i know better than you attitude. You are down to earth, you are a intelligent mid-westerner.


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