Ghost Pepper Rib-Eye Wrap | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Ghost Pepper Rib-Eye Wrap | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

The combination of Ribeye and flank steak topped everything you’d expect in a tortilla wrap with added the bonus of ghost pepper chilis, this beef wrap is a force to be reckoned with.  
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31 replies
  1. Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell says:

    I like the way you roll. Literally. That's a true flavor cone. The best salsa I ever made was with ghost pepper. Full disclosure, 2/3 of one gp, 1 big onion, 3 med sized garden tomatoes, boiled 15 minutes, drained, added fresh parsley (I didn't have cilantro), grated garlic and a diced serrano, salt and blended to a fairly chunky consistency. Everyone loved it, even though their eyebrows were sweating. Great on meat and refried beans

  2. Srinath Seshadri
    Srinath Seshadri says:

    The skillet also comes from Vietnam. LOL. I have one of those too. Yes dumb design. But my favorite cast iron skillet is one from Taiwan from the 70's. Smooth and heavy where it counts and light enough to handle as well. Perfect weight for a weak man or strong woman for a 10" skillet.

  3. Dark seid
    Dark seid says:

    What has happen to this channel where are the backwood country white boys I use to rock with I’m black and these white boys could throw down… damn British

  4. J Fernsten
    J Fernsten says:

    As someone with the wrong genes to appreciate cilantro, I found out the hard way I'm flat out allergic to coriander. Hives, breathing difficulty, etc. On the flip side, those of us who hate cilantro can usually smell ozone from electric arcs really, really well. Kind of a fair trade.

  5. Dr. Ryan
    Dr. Ryan says:

    At my job as a Chef at Crackr Berral I smell each food item before giving it to a waitres. I sniff as hard as possible so I can smell your food before you eat it. Sometimes my nose touches your food if I get to close. You are eating food that has been sniffed by me as hard as possible!


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