Gas Burner for Uuni Wood-Fired Ovens | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue


Chef Tom shows off one of our favorite add-ons for your Uuni 3 or Uuni Pro Wood-Fired Oven, the Uuni Gas Burner.

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Uuni Pro Gas Burner –
Uuni 3 Gas Burner –

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  1. Jay Roman
    Jay Roman says:

    Does this throw off a lot less or no smoke at all? My biggest issue with the wood pellets is the big ole black spot left on the ceiling of my pergola. I've had to move it out from under cover to avoid that, but I suspect propane will burn clean and not have that issue.

  2. El Fuego 89
    El Fuego 89 says:

    2 years to late! Finally bought a roccbox after being yanked around by unni with all there “give us 2 more months” . It’s on the shelf and the roccbox gets the stage. Build quality of the roccbox is superior also. You would be well advised to sell them as they would be a nice compliment to your other premium products on your show floor. Keep up the good work! ?


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