Frozen Pot Roast ALL Day Breakfast –  What a JOKE

Frozen Pot Roast ALL Day Breakfast – What a JOKE

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“Broken Reality” Kevin
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  1. Gregg Gates
    Gregg Gates says:

    Was that even an ounce of pot roast? Seriously, someone buy this and weigh it. Chucks aren't expensive. Eggs may be as we head towards Easter (I'm calling it, $5 a dozen) but to skimp on the main selling point, or mis-selling point of the slow cooked "Chuck Steak"… You may have a bad sample, or you found the one dish where the potatoes cost more than the meat.

  2. davhutton
    davhutton says:

    In restaurant kitchen lingo, "all day" means – "all together." All in one, or everything, total.
    In this case, it can't possibly mean a meal that will stick with you the entire day,… in only 9 ounces and 380 calories.
    So thats the only explanation I can imagine.
    The term is also sometimes used in Britain to desribe the traditional English breakfast… which might ACTUALLY hold you all day.
    But I doubt thats the intent here.


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