Frozen Michelina’s Snack Bites – What Are We Eating?


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  1. joe Franzinelli
    joe Franzinelli says:

    Fun fact jeno pallucci from my town of hibbing MN invented pizza rolls and he sold out his rolls and pizzas to totinos back in the 70s and named his new company after his mother michelina

  2. Diana Tennant
    Diana Tennant says:

    We used to get these and divide them up just a little bit and put them on top of big green lettuce salads especially when we had a garden if we had anything else we'd put them it on them but it helped be more filling for lunch and added just a little hot element to the lunch

  3. Steve Logan
    Steve Logan says:

    Larry my friend, nice review, I assume these are similar to Totino's pizza rolls, I nuke em' if short on time but prefer them baked & crispy. Do they sell these in bulk bags that I usually buy cause are less costly but you need to check the price per ounce/pound twinxt the serving size & bulk bag cause sometimes it ain't a deal for the bulk bag

  4. Ralphie_Boy
    Ralphie_Boy says:

    Larry, may I suggest you divide each box's content next time, cooking one half in a microwave and oven, there it may make a texture and taste difference… 🧐

  5. Dan Gunn
    Dan Gunn says:

    Processed food is dangerous to eat every day. I mostly eat real fresh chicken and beef and pork chops and frozen vegetables. It does taste good though. I always have some Spam and other tasty processed food stored away for emergencies. Especially shrimp egg rolls.

  6. markiangooley
    markiangooley says:

    In the immortal words of Mr. Harry S. Plinkett, “Would you like a pizza roll?” I can’t help but think of these as strange versions of those — even though I suspect they’re better!


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