Fried Crawfish Po' Boy Sandwich by the BBQ Pit Boys

A classic New Orleans summer Sub loaded up with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and fried Louisiana Crawfish tails. –
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  1. Max Prigmore
    Max Prigmore says:

    I love how you actually call it a po boy(aka poor boy samwich). Im from New Orleans and that there is my favorite hometown samwich. Keep up the good work fellas cuz even in a place like this we're always on the lookout for more delicious recipes. Thank you

  2. Brian Cook
    Brian Cook says:

    I would have had that bread sliced and ready before I started cooking the crawfish. Two pounds of crawfish tails cost me about $50 if I order them online. They made three sandwiches from two pounds of crawfish tails. That's about $17 per sandwich.

  3. Robert Amacker
    Robert Amacker says:

    Having lived in MS and being from Louisiana my note to everyone when it comes to making these is knowing that the bread is 50% of the battle. Obviously find what you want, but a skinnier french bread, toasted with olive oil to give it that crisp flaky crunch when you press on it is what make's these sandwiches. The bigger the bread, the less you taste the meat, you'll taste more bread then anything. So go with something slightly skinnier. Google po boy french bread and you'll notice what I'm talking about. Lastly, the best Po Boy IMO that you can ever have is the Roast Beef po boy. You can easily cook it in a crock pot for about 10-12 hours until it's falling apart. Add whatever bold seasonings you prefer and make the sandwich the same way he made his in this video. You'll cry it's that good

  4. GothSauce Productions
    GothSauce Productions says:

    Man, that looks so nut busting good, everything about it down to the delicious tender, chewy, crunchy bread. Thank you guys for waking me up to craw fish again. I never thought about just ordering it online, cause I found a great site that delivers 1 pound bags of tails seasoned to fresh live craw fish and it's in LA my home town. I ordered 60$ worth 3lbs so I can try all of your craw fish recipes. They even sell fresh Alligator, so you know what dish I'll be making from your site. MMMmmmmm Guuuuuuudddd!!!!

  5. mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 says:

    Luckily through wanting to try these mud bugs I found an asian market here near Los Angeles with some frozen crawfish.. They're good !!!  They got all kinds of seafood and live crabs,  fish.. best find for seafood around these parts.  Sometimes you can find just the tails pre cooked at walmart also.  My uncle lives in Gulfport, MS and there are a few spots that sell shrimp and crawfish po boys and they're dynamite !!

  6. Redd Chyna
    Redd Chyna says:

    one more thing do i half to add the beer?love beer but the baby want LOL
    hope i get a answer before tomorrow cause my CF is thawing as i write cant wait im posting this on Facebook i think everyone us gonna love love it.

  7. joe razo
    joe razo says:

    im glad i fiind your videos id i wanna learn how to cook some uo on the grill ill learn from you. your my cukinary arts class. im 19 and i wanna cook for myself and suorise my future wife with this awesome eats.

  8. Ed Cook
    Ed Cook says:

    Guys, ditch the Mayo and make up a nice Roux instead. One with a bit of a bite to it, you'll thank yourself later. (Spread it on the bread instead of the Mayo.) Also a couple of dashes of Hot Sauce over the Sandwich before closing does wonders.

    The last time I made Po' Boys I didn't get a bite because everyone else grabbed them.


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