Fried Bologna Egg & Cheese Sandwich for .39¢ – Eating on a Budget – The Wolfe Pit


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Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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33 replies
  1. cataxy
    cataxy says:

    lmao this video made me realise how expensive stuff is where i live. like great value bread is 3$ a loaf, and a 12 pack of great value eggs is also 3$.

  2. Bud Bud
    Bud Bud says:

    We all know Larry is just doing the voice overs for the videos at this point, and by watching this one, I do feel sorry for what's happening to his family.

  3. Ken Dac
    Ken Dac says:

    Wait a minute, technically instead of being completely closer to having a heart attack you and your daughter are just a quarter of the way there. But on an unrelated note I didn’t see a link to said video about that sandwich. I inquire for research purposes, to test your heart attack theory. I’m hungry

  4. Chaos Commentary
    Chaos Commentary says:

    Hopefully I don’t get hate for this. So I’m not really struggling money wise I just want more money so I’m trying to cut my grocery bills down a lot and maybe lose weight I tryed eating a little healthier but it cost more, then I figured I could just eat less. I cut out soda I just refill a metal water bottle with water and this baloney sandwich’s look like a grate low cost meal to have. I watch his dollar store food reviews to try and get some ideas on what’s ok to eat

  5. datninja
    datninja says:

    That amount of butter is wild but I love these videos. Switching out the bread for lower calorie bread or maybe bologna for turkey can make stuff like this a little healthier/lower calorie.

  6. Rhaspun
    Rhaspun says:

    This is the Joe Arpaio county jail diet. But I doubt if he had the bologna fried up which can make a difference in how satisfying this sandwich will be.

  7. Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith says:

    Tbh this looks like a great breakfast that I'ma have to make soon haha. I've made something similar but it's been years and I want a taste of my childhood thank you for reminding me

  8. Sambler
    Sambler says:

    Makes me wonder what these people eat that are in the media always saying they can't put food on the table. People can eat plenty of food if they shop right.. Potatoes are also reasonable. Also shop when items are on sale.


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